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A Television Special, Series Concept and
CD-ROM Interactive Experience


As a television special, series concept and interactive CD ROM, Heroes and Heroines …The Visionary Destiny of America is a unique "rockumentary" that educates as it entertains. It is an inspirational musical journey that pays tribute to the great leaders of the past and instills hope for the future.

In this upcoming election year, Heroes and Heroines… The Visionary Destiny of America is an idealistic "Rock’n’Roll" view of American history that carries a message affirming love, brotherhood, unity and the values of courage, integrity and service. The Gannett Newspapers have described Maryellen McCabe’s work as "great rock music with a message. Former Governor Mario Cuomo of N.Y. has said "I salute Maryellen McCabe for her Vision and creativity." The New York Times has reported "Maryellen McCabe’s voice is reminiscent of Grace Slick and Patty Smith."

Heroes and Heroines... the Visionary Destiny of America is a 12-part rock music video song series with a dramatic throughline that seeks to interpret American history from the Jeffersonian, Emersonian, visionary point of view. More specifically, it is a music, poetry, and image commentary on the nature and growth of the unique, American ideal that began with Hiawatha, and Francis Bacon and was best expressed in the achievements of Jefferson, Franklin, Emerson, Emma Lazarus, Sojourner Truth, Mark Twain, Eleanor Roosevelt, F.D.R., Martin Luther King and John and Robert Kennedy.

The program format has a historical narrative occurring between the songs. This dramatic throughline is to be presented by various contemporary political leaders, reporters or performers. Some examples might be Robert Kennedy Jr., Pete Hamill, Rev. Jesse Jackson, former Governor Mario Cuomo, Jimmy Carter or Hilary Clinton. The music video would be followed with additional commentary from a young college-age person. This young person would discuss how a particular hero or heroine of the show had made an impact on his or her life in sparking an awareness of helping others, creating unity and supporting brotherhood. In some cases the elder statesman or woman would be teamed with their own son or daughter A possible example might be Hilary and Chelsea Clinton, Amy and Jimmy Carter, or Mario and Andrew Cuomo.

Each of the 12 music videos would combine theatrical live band performances of the songs with historical documentary film footage and stills of classic paintings to illustrate the lyrics. Well-known artists that an MTV or VH1 audience is familiar with and admires can perform these songs. A live multi-media concert version of this show has been performed successfully for the past five years in High Schools and colleges y Maryellen McCabe and her band Phoenix Rising.

The melodies of the 12 song series cross the spectrum of contemporary rock music, and fit the adult contemporary formats of VH1 programming which includes alternative acoustic, rock, and folk-rock. The band members featured in Maryellen McCabe’s work are all accomplished musicians who have toured and played with many of the legendary, great artists in rock music. Their album and appearance credits include Bob Dylan, Joan Osborn, Stevie Nicks, Indigo Girls, Sting, Tracy Chapman, Joe Cocker, WHAM, John McLaughlin, Carlos Santana, Gary Moore, Procol Harem and Bill Frizell to name a few.

Heroes and Heroines …The Visionary Destiny of America has the unique marketing potential of being produced both as a television special OR series designed for audiences ranging from VH1 and HBO, to PBS, Turner Broadcasting, THE History Channel, Oxygen, and Lifetime Channel It has financial value as well as a product for distribution to video stores as a video concept album. The closest example to this idea might be Pink Floyd’s "The Wall." It also has further commercial application for educational markets as a CD-ROM. The creative format lends itself to the programming needs of the future marriage between the web and television. In addition the material can still be traditionally marketed and packaged as an audio album with marketable singles.

In conclusion, the commercial possibilities for this project are many. In particular, the subject matter coincides with the election year when many cable and network television channels look for broadcast material to encourage voter participation such as the 1992 MTV "Rock the Vote" segments.

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