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March 17, 1998

Marellen McCabe
638 North Broadway
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 107706

Dear Ms. McCabe:

We at Nassau Community College thank you for the wonderful concert you presented on March 3, 1998. Your concentration on notable women from your multimedia shows "Destiny of America: A Rock 'n' Roll Version of American History" and "Heroes and Heroines" served as an appropriate, memorable beginning for our month-long program "Celebrating Women's Creativity."

We appreciated so many aspects of your epic rock music: the superb musicians, the dramatic readings about historical figures, the photographs projected on a screen behind the performers, the fluid dancer who also signed, and your inspirational introductions to songs. What we marveled at the most, however, was your own performance. Your soaring, finely nuanced voice is the perfect instrument to do justice to your impressive lyrics. The audience particularly enjoyed your presentations of "Hiawatha," "Mother Theresa," and "Sojourner Truth."

We found your performance particularly suitable for our educational institution. Our students love rock music, and you taught them--in highly moving, professional, and inspirational ways--how esential it is to remember the words and works of such heroines as Eleanor Roosevelt.

Thank you for sharing with us your "Rock 'n' Roll Version of American History." With yourself as a singer-songwriter heroine, we certainly celebrated in grand fasion our theme for 1998 Women's History Month: "Women's Creativity."


Dr. Barbara Horn
Coordinator, Women's Studies Project
Professor, English
Nassau Community College
New York

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