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Heroes and Heroines: The Spiritual Destiny of America

About the Musicians

The C.D. includes a number of legendary musicians in the band including Scarlet Rivera best known for her violin playing on Dylan's "Desire" album and her work with both Tracy Chapmen and the Indigo Girls. Some of the other artists involved in the band include Jack Petrucelli on guitar and mandolin. Jack is currently music director for Joan Osborne. The album also features Gerald Trimble considered one of the best Cittern players in America.

  • Maryellen McCabe - composer, lyracist,lead vocals, harmony vocals
  • Jerry (Jiram) Bria - lead guitar, citar
  • Jack Petruzzelli - Rhythm guitar, mandolin
  • Scarlet Rivera - violin, violin arrangements on all songs
  • Don Yallech - drums and percussion, drum arrangements
  • Tommy Charlap - bass
  • Peter Vitalone - piano and synthesizer, arrangements on song #2 2, 3, & 9
  • Gerald Trimble - citern, saas mandocello, arrangements on songs #s 6, 7, 8, & 11
  • Paul Frazier - background vocals, background vocal arrangements
  • Eric Kory - cello
  • Randy Crosby - percussion, tabla
  • Dave Fields - guitar and synthesizer
  • Tony Viscardo - guitar

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