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The Declaration of Independence says: all men are create equal but like a great many ideals some times reality doesn't always live up to the words. For equality did not exist for Native Americans, women or most tragically for Black Americans who were used as slaves. A great woman who sacrificed her life to help end slavery was Sojourner Truth. Born a slave in the N.Y. Hudson Valley, Sojourner Truth was called a "sign unto the people" She was the first black person to test the legal desegregation laws, she also worked for prison reform and women's rights. Although she was uneducated she gave fiery speeches that moved a generation to end slavery. She always would start her talks saying "Chilluns I talks to God."

Chillun, she said, I talks to God
and God talks to me.
He's saying, "Sojourner Truth
you've got to stop the slavery."

Sing out sister with the love of your heart
Sing sister and the water will part
Like Moses crossing the red sea
Sojourner Truth set your people free.

Sing out sister against the hate
Sing our sister with a fearless faith
Take up my cross and walk the land
Jesus shall be your eyes and hands.

Don't worry if you can't read or write,
It doesn't matter you've got Solomon's sight
and a mother's heart and a silver tongue
to speak out about the wrong being done...
the cruel torture of the slaves,
the shipping by the minds depraved,
the lowest of the low, who take joy
at seeing black mamas,
and the daddies and boys
crawling on their bellies
with their spirits destroyed.

Heroes and Heroines
Songs by Maryellen McCabe

Copyright © 1996 Maryellen McCabe


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