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DESTINY (Francis Bacon)

Destiny is a song about Francis Bacon. Ralph Waldo Emerson the great American transcendentalist poet and philosopher once said, "There are minds which deposit their dangerous unripe thoughts and they shall not be broken until the next age. Francis Bacon was such a man." With his "good pens" and his underground group called Bensalem, which means City of Peace. The best minds and hearts of Europe in the 16th century united under the leadership of Francis Bacon to help bring about the renaissance and realize a Utopian Dream of the Brotherhood of Man. Bacon's followers help found the first English settlement of the Jamestown in Virginia. Thus planting the seeds of the end of the age of kings and the churches control of mankind's thinking and the important beginning of Democracy as we know it now in America.


There is a destiny to help humanity
There is a grand design
It began in an ancient time
To build Plato's New Atlantis
Was the mission of Sir Francis
Like Prometheus reaching
to heaven for fire,
to bring to the earth
what the masters inspired
the spear shaking poet
Lord Bacon conspired,
this Utopian land, the brotherhood of man.
Like Arthurian knights of the Holy Grail
There's a story to tell; it's like a fairy tale
With his Rosy Cross band,
Together they planned,
this Utopian Land, the brotherhood of man
But not dare
to misuse nature's key
the hidden truths of alchemy
The mind of Science
Like Satan's defiance
Shall lead mankind astray
Love must guide the mind on its way.

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Copyright © 1996 Maryellen McCabe


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